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We Love Questions

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  1. What is the long-term Energy Audit?

  2. We are a residential community of over five years. We want to introduce sustainable measures, starting with Rainwater harvesting? How do we start?

  3. What is the process of LEED certification for our school/community/commercial project?

  4.  What are the various certifications at IGBC? What does that mean?

  5. How to select the right green building consultant for a project?

  6. At what stage of a project a sustainable consultant be involved?

  7. Tell us about IGBC Green Resorts certification.

  8. We are a school. We want to understand IGBC Green Schools certification

  9. What are the benefits of having a green building?

  10. Should we go for LEED rating or IGBC rating or GRIHA for our project? What gives marketing an edge?

  11. Is the IGBC rating given for the entire project life? Or should be it be renewed every year?

  12. Difference between IGBC Pre-certification and Certification

  13. I want to do a net-zero project, where do I start?

  14. How to live responsibly with less impact on the environment?

  15. How to reduce carbon footprint?

  16. What is the additional investment for constructing green building and what is the ROI?

  17. What is Energy modelling? How does it help?

  18. How to make a zero waste project?

  19. How is the hazardous waste handled by municipalities?

  20. We don’t have space in our apartment for Organic waste converter? How to manage wet waste and kitchen waste?

  21. What happens to all the sanitary waste?

  22. What are the sustainable materials for building a home?

  23. What are the eco-friendly materials available in Hyderabad?

  24. How to design a home which uses less power, water and resources?

  25. What are low VOC materials?

  26. Is it expensive to use low VOC paints? What are the benefits?

  27. Importance of fresh air ventilation and its impact on human health?

  28. How to have good daylighting but less heat in the building?

  29. How to decide the capacity of OWC(organic waste converter)?

  30. Manual/Semi automatic/Automatic OWC? Which is better

  31. What are the alternate construction materials?

  32. How to recycle e-waste?

  33. What is cool roof paint or high SRI paint? How does it reduce my energy consumption?

  34. Is solar water heater better or geyser run with solar PV ?

  35. What are heat pumps?

  36. Selecting the right glass for my building? Is high performance glass always necessary?

  37. What is the ROI of converting all the existing lighting to LED?

  38. How to check if my appliances are consuming more power?

  39. How often do water meters need calibration?

  40. How to harvest rain water from my terrace?

  41. How to filter the rain water and use it for domestic purposes?

  42. Is RO water good for health?

  43. How to save water effectively for landscaping?

  44. What type of plants will reduce the water demand?

  45. I want to have a nice garden but we don’t have enough water in the borewells? What kind of plants will survive with less water?

  46. What are Green pro products?

  47. How are products Green Pro certified?

  48. How to convert my parking into electrical charging place for my new electric car?

  49. What is tunnel draft and how does it work?

  50. What is geo thermal cooling?

  51. What is triple bottom line?

  52. What is circular economy?

  53. What is sustainability reporting?

  54. How Sustainability reporting promotes organizational change to address negative impacts?

  55. What is product life cycle assessment?​

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