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we are Continuum

We are Sustainability consultants who collaborate with architects, planners, and policymakers in creating high-performance ecosystems.  We also collaborate with individuals and mentor them in achieving sustainability and quality living goals at their home and community levels.

We create benchmark designs by providing integrated sustainable design services ranging from passive building design to high-performance systems, commissioning, and auditing.

Consulting we Offer 
​Water Management

Water Management

Energy Audit

Energy Audit

​Carbon Footprinting

Carbon Footprinting

Waste Management

Waste Management

​Net Zero Planning

Net Zero Planning

Green Building Consulting

Green Building Consulting

High-Performance Buildings

High-Performance Buildings

Sustainability Report

Areas we Impact









Why do we need Sustainability Experts? 

Sustainability is an aspiration till the time Sustainable experts come into the role. 
Continuum ensures process and metrics in place to quantify the goals set by organizations, communities, individuals for their ecosystems. 

Sustainability consulting encompasses a wide array of tasks and strategies, but in general, the overall goal remains consistent: to research and implement  strategies that will maximize profits and efficiency while reducing an organization’s environmental footprint, (i.e. they help companies go green).


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Green Building Certification

IGBC Certification

ECBC Compliance

Thermal Comfort Study

Global Sustainability Reporting

GRIHA Certification

Ventilation Study

Energy Audit

Daylight Study & Analysis

LEED Certification

Carbon Footprinting

Energy Simulation

Sustainability means  Progression in Quality of Life on Earth with improved economics.

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If we need to ensure a responsible future.
Start preparing them now. 

Continuum Studio continues to mentor and train students and teachers of schools, sharing our experience through workshops, activities with a progressive curriculum. 

Integrate Sustainability as a Curriculum for your school 

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Sustainability is Cool though.
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